Review: MAC Self Made 15x Eyeshadow Palette

Review: MAC Self Made 15x Eyeshadow Palette

If you’ve ever strolled into MAC then you’ve probably noticed that they have only about a million eyeshadows on  display. You have the chance to pick whatever shades your heart desires and throw it into either a 15x or 4x palette. I chose to do a 15x palette and chose a variety of shades ranging from neutrals to colours I use only for a specific look, shimmers and mattes. I chose Black Tied, Beauty Marked, Contrast, Green Smoke, Star Violet, Twinks, Trax, Satin Taupe, Knight Divine, Arena, Espresso, Wedge, Bottle Green, Deep Damson, Carbon. I’m going to do an in depth description of each because not all MAC eyeshadows are created equal.

Shade Descriptions:

Black Tied: Described on MAC’s website as, “Black w/ silver sparkle [Velvet]”.  Creamy formula, great pigmentation, I think the silver sparkles add a cute touch to a smoky eye.

Beauty Marked: Described on MAC’s website as, “Black-red w/sparkle pearl [Velvet]”. Creamy formula, great pigmentation, red sparkles make it a super unique shade.

Contrast: Described on MAC’s website as, “Purplish-blue with blue pearl [Velvet]”. Another velvet, can you tell I have a favorite?Creamy formula, great pigmentation, etc. I see absolutely no purple in this, but I do see a beautiful dark blue that is kept from being too boring due to the slight sparkles or “blue pearl” in it.

Green Smoke: Described on MAC’s website as, “Tarnished olive [Lustre]”. Creamy formula, great pigmentation. A beautiful light olive green with slight sparkles or green pearl in it.

Star Violet: Described on MAC’s website as, “Pinky-brown plum, [Veluxe Pearl]”. Creamy formula, great pigmentation. It’s a light pinky cranberry colour with a lovely pearl sheen in it.

Twinks: Described on MAC’s website as, “Deep plum w/pearl [Veluxe Pearl]”. Creamy formula, great pigmentation. It’s more of a bronzey/chocolate brown with a pearl sheen to it.

Trax: Described on MAC’s website as, “Burgundy-plum with shimmer [Velvet]”.  Creamy formula, adequate pigmentation; I find I do have to build this one up or use a primer to have it show up on my skin. It’s a  very light lilac purple with soft gold sparkles throughout.

Satin Taupe: Described on MAC’s website as, “Taupe with silver shimmer, [Frost]”. Creamy formula, great pigmentation; I absolutely love this shade. It’s a beautiful taupe shade that I find tends to look more purple on me throughout the day; I don’t really see the silver shimmer.

Knight Divine: Described on MAC’s website as, “Black w/silver pearl, [Veluxe Pearl]”. Creamy formula, great pigmentation. I find that this is more of a dark silver than a black and that I see a slight blueish sheen to it.

Arena: Described on MAC’s website as, “Soft gold-peach with pearl [Satin]”. Super creamy, amazing pigmentation. A very light, soft peach colour with a slight pearl sheen to it. I love using this as a lid colour when I’m lazy.

Espresso: Described on MAC’s website as, “Muted golden brown, [Matte]”. Looks can be deceiving. Dry formula, meh pigmentation.  The only way I can use this is if I scrape product off and then apply it. Otherwise my brush won’t even pick the shade up or it takes twenty five years to build the colour up.

Wedge: Described on MAC’s website as, “Soft muted beige taupe [Matte]”. Creamy formula, great pigmentation. It’s a very soft cool tones,neutral brown. It works great as a transition shade and is extremely matte.

Bottle Green: Described on MAC’s website as, “Deep Bottle Green  [Matte]”. Formula is more on the dry side, meh pigmentation. It’s a dark green but I don’t think bottle green when I look at it. This is another shade where I have to scrape it off and then use that scraped product on my lid. It’s the only way I get good pigmentation.

Deep Damson: Described on MAC’s website as, “Deep Burgundy [Matte]”. Dry formula, meh pigmentation. It’s definitely a dark burgundy colour and it’s really beautiful. Again, once I scrape and basically create my own loose eyeshadow it applies beautifully and has great pigmentation.
Carbon: Described on MAC’s website as, “Intense black, [Matte]”. Not the creamiest formula but also not dry, adequate pigmentation.It’s not my favourite black, but with a little work I can make it work.
My overall opinion is that I really love MAC eyeshadows.I use them everyday in some sort of way. They’re a really great way to build a palette you love at a reasonable price. Some formulas are obviously better than others, I’m looking at you matte formulas. But with a little effort you can basically make the matte eyeshadows into a “loose” eyeshadow and then it works much, much better.
*Ignore how banged up my poor palette has gotten, it was in my kit for a while*
 *Also, MAC eyeshadows swatch beautifully on fingers but do not make it to my arms quite the same way so I apologize about using my fingers but this way you can actually see the eyeshadow*
IMG_0694 copy
MAC Self-Made 15x Eyeshadow Palette
IMG_0696 copy copy
1) Black Tied, 2) Beauty Marked, 3) Contrast, 4) Green Smoke, 5) Star Violet, 6) Twinks, 7)Trax, 8)Satin Taupe, 9) Knight Divine, 10) Arena, 11) Espresso, 12) Wedge, 13) Bottle Green, 14) Deep Damson, 15) Carbon
IMG_0708 copy copy
2) Beauty Marked, 3) Contrast, 4) Green Smoke, 5) Star Violet
IMG_0725 copy copy
7) Trax, 8) Satin Taupe, 9) Knight Divine, 10) Arena
IMG_0726 copy copy
11) Wedge, 12) Bottle Green, 13) Deep Damson, 14) Carbon
IMG_0727 copy copy
1) Black Tied, 6) Twinks, 11) Espresso


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