Review: MELT Cosmetics Gun Metal Stack

Review: MELT Cosmetics Gun Metal Stack

I’ve always stalked Lora Arellano on Instagram and drooled over her perfect smoky eye looks. Seriously though, she is probably the master of smoky eyes. My obsession led me to discovering her and her partner, Dana Bomar, owned their very own cosmetics line and that I could attempt to achieve my own smoky eye looks. I had always seen MELT cosmetics being worn by beauty Instagrammers but hadn’t ever paid it much mind besides noticing that the products looked nice.Learning that one of my favourite Instagrammers was one of the owners of this line was good enough for me. I had a dream, and it was creating  beautiful smoky eyes. Although mine are still a work in progress, this palette makes it super easy.

I ordered the MELT Cosmetics Gun Metal stack from their website. It retailed for $48.00 (American) plus I believe it was $10.00 for shipping. I may have cried a bit inside ordering as that translates to $77ish (Canadian). It shipped from the States to Canada within a few days which is always appreciated. The packaging of the product is super unique, each shade is magnetic and the individual shadows are stacked on top of each other, topped off with a mirror on the lid. You might be wondering why on earth I’d pay that much for four eyeshadows. Buckle up and prepare yourself. Each shade contains 2.70g/0.10oz of product. They’re absolutely massive compared to a typical eyeshadow which is 1.3 g / 0.04 oz. The Gun Metal Stack contains, Harsh Stone White, Assimilate, Industrial, and Gun Metal. Shade descriptions are listed below and are spot on. They did an amazing job creating these colours and having the whole stack complement one another so well. The pigmentation on these bad boys is insane as well. They’re basically pressed pigments but in a solid form. I find that there is a bit of fall out with Industrial and Gun Metal but applying a glitter glue or mixing medium prevents this from occurring.

Product Description:

The most glittery textured eye shadows we have ever made. They’re like pure pressed pigment in a stack! Paired with the prettiest matte taupe grey, you’ll love! Wear it dry or spritz it for a chrome look!

HARSH STONE WHITE – A glittery champagne white. The softness, the glide , the pigmentation, is out of this world!

ASSIMILATE – The perfect deep taupe to pair with this glittery stack , it reminds us of delicious hot cocoa! Beautiful in this palette as a transition or “blending color” the color and is as rich and smooth as our other ultra matte shades in our line.

INDUSTRIAL – A glittery grey brown. We love pairing this metallic shadow with our Rust red staple colors. Perfect for any smoked eye look!

GUN METAL- This gorgeous blue black – metallic shadow is ultra pigmented and soft. We’ve never made something this gorgeous and glittery


  1. Buttery formula, makes it super easy to apply as these are basically pressed pigments but in a solid form.
  2. Complementary shades, makes a smoky eye super easy
    • Cool toned, I find them to be very flattering on my skin tone and I’m typically someone who hates cool toned anything
    • (These are available in singles now too in case you don’t care for all the colours in the stack)
  3. Long wearing, these stay on extremely well even without a primer (I’ve even applied Gun Metal over black lipstick and it stays put foreeeever)
  4. Amazing pigmentation, so fucking beautiful
  5. Unique packaging, this also makes it really simple to customize your stack
  6. Size, since each eyeshadow is massive (2.70g/0.10oz ),I’m counting on this product to last a very long time


  1. Price, $48.00 (American) plus shipping is a little much for me. I’ll probably hold off on purchasing from them again for a bit until the dollar improves
  2. Fall out, mainly with the shades Industrial and Gun Metal as they’re so glittery



MELT Cosmetics Gun Metal Stack
MELT Cosmetics Gun Metal Stack. Shades from left to right: Harsh Stone White, Assimilate, Industrial, Gun Metal.
MELT Cosmetics Gun Metal Stack: Harsh Stone White
MELT Cosmetics Gun Metal Stack: Assimilate
MELT Cosmetics Gun Metal Stack: Industrial
MELT Cosmetics Gun Metal Stack: Gun Metal
MELT Cosmetics Gun Metal Stack Swatches (Unblended): 1)Harsh Stone White, 2)Assimilate, 3)Industrial, 4)Gun Metal

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