Review: Drybar The 3-Day Bender 1.25″ Digital Curling Iron

Review: Drybar The 3-Day Bender 1.25″ Digital Curling Iron

My boyfriend’s work has a Christmas party in Vancouver at a fancy schamncy hotel every year, and although I can stumble through my makeup, I am a complete disaster when it comes to hair. I decided to do something I always wanted to do: get a blowout at Drybar. Oh my god, it was life changing. My hair looked awesome and smelt amazing and my blowout lasted for days after that party. Even my boyfriend had to admit that my hair had never looked better. I decided to keep the good hair going as best as I could, and purchased Drybar’s The 3-Day Bender 1.25″ Digital curling iron. It’s a bright, cheerful yellow shade with a digital temperature selection and a rotating barrel. I love being able to select the heat temperature, it at least gives me the belief that I’m saving my hair from the heat damage a bit. It also has an automatic one hour shut off which we all know is a lifesaver for those days when you’re running a little late and distracted. Now here’s the part where I think this curling iron loses people: the rotating barrel. It’s hard to get the hang of, but once you do it makes curling your hair easier than ever. The best way to learn this would be watching a few youtube tutorials on it and lots of practice. I promise that in the end, it’s worth it. I had always preferred wands because I found clamps just a nightmare to use. But this rotating barrel makes it all come together nicely. It retails for $169.00 (Canadian) at Sephora (I purchased mine in a set from Nordstorm, their Beach in a Box set, for and damn was it ever a good deal, it came with two Hold Me Hair Clips, a Half Pint Small Round Brush, a small Mai Tai Spritzer Sea Salt Spray, and a small Detox Dry Shampoo). I had purchased this when I had hair that went to my bottom and found that it made nice big curls. My hair is more of a lob now and the only thing I use is this curling iron to give it lots of volume. For reference, I did buy the 1″ size to compare what I liked better and in my opinion, the 1.25″ just gives it a looser curl which is what I prefer.

Product Description:

What it is:
A rotating clamp curling iron featuring NanoIonic™ Mineral Technology to make curling hair quick and easy while smoothing the cuticle and setting curls in place.

What it does:
The 3-Day Bender features a patented rotating barrel designed for use by stylists at Drybar shops across the US to deliver smooth, long-lasting curls to thousands of clients every day. Infrared energy seals and smooths the cuticle to reduce flyaways, allowing you to create gorgeous curls and waves faster and more efficiently while avoiding damage. NanoIonic Mineral Technology features a blend of 32 minerals that conduct negative ions which are fused to the barrel of the iron to add shine and decrease frizz with use. It helps set the curl and keeps your look perfectly in place while conditioning.

What else you need to know:
The 3-Day Bender heats to 410° F and has an automatic one-hour shut-off. It comes with a one-year limited warranty.

Temperature guide:
– 320 to 370°F: chemically-treated/processed
– 370 to 400°F: very fine/fine
– 400 to 430°F: medium/thick
– 430 to 450°F: coarse/highly textured


  1. Adjustable heat temperature, gives you the choice to choose what temperature you fry your hair at
  2. Automatic one hour shut off, it’s nice knowing you won’t come home to a burnt down house
  3. Long lasting curls, I can easily get a good three days out of this iron (with the help of dry shampoo of course)
  4. Heats up in seconds, no joke. I’ve never seen anything heat up so fast in my life. Why can’t my oven heat up this fast:'(
  5. Bright cheery colour, at first I thought the yellow was a little tacky but I’ve come to love it
  6. Long cord, makes it easy to work with (My boyfriend is reading over my shoulder at the moment saying, “Tell them it’s a long durable cord”, thanks babe”


  1. Rotating barrel clamp, can take some getting used to
  2. Pricy, it retails for $169.00 (Canadian) which is a hell of a lot of money for a curling iron


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