Review: Foreo LUNA Mini 2 in Midnight.

Review: Foreo LUNA Mini 2 in Midnight.

Once upon a time I bought a clarisonic and absolutely hated it. I was looking for something to replace that piece of garbage when I stumbled upon the Foreo in Sephora one day. My initial thought was, “How in the world is that vibrating piece of rubber supposed to help clean my face”. But I love trying new things so I spent a lot of time looking at the different Foreo’s and trying to decide which one would suit my skin type. Finally, the cheaper price point one out and I went for the Foreo LUNA Mini 2 in midnight. Haven’t touched my clarisonic since and will never touch it again. I have combination skin where my nose gets oily but everywhere else is normal for reference. now let’s get into the review of the Foreo.

First off, it’s made of silicone which makes it gentle on the face, hygienic, and very easy to clean. It’s double sided with silicone bristles and has three zones; the front has thinner bristles meant for sensitive and normal skin, with thicker bristles located at the top for precision cleaning, and the reverse side has broader bristles for oilier skin. The power button is located on the front, with the buttons to adjust the speed on either side of it. There are eight intensities to choose from and it supposedly sends out 8000 transdermal sonic (T-sonic) pulsations per minute. The charging port is located on the back. The battery is supposed to last for 300 uses per full charge. I’ve owned my Foreo since August 2016 and have yet to charge it, and I use it a minimum of twice a day so I can attest to an impressive battery life. To be completely honest, I’ve probably lost the charger by now since I’ve never touched it. The whole device is completely waterproof so you can use it without worry. I find that it’s gentle enough for daily usage without drying out my skin in the slightest. The device itself fits in the palm of your hand, making it very lightweight when using it and easy to travel with. I can wholeheartedly recommend this product to another just because of how much I love it. I’ve even caught my boyfriend using it when he thinks I don’t notice. It retails for $159.00 (Canadian) at Sephora.

Product Description:

What it is:
A waterproof cleansing device for all skin types that deeply yet gently cleanses for healthier, radiant, more youthful-looking skin.

What it does:
The LUNA™ mini 2 marks a radical new approach to skin care by being the only facial-cleansing device that combines T-Sonic™ pulsations to effectively cleanse the skin with a nonabrasive silicone brush that remains totally gentle and pleasant to use on the face. And with its smart design, this compact, colorful, and travel-friendly device lasts up to five months from one full charge, and is fully waterproof for seamless integration into any skin care routine. The cleansing device deeply cleanses with up to 8,000 T-Sonic pulsations per minute channeled through silicone touch-points for refined, clear, and purified skin.

What else you need to know:
Bigger brush area for more efficient cleansing: the LUNA mini 2’s brush surface area is bigger than the LUNA mini’s, enabling it to cover a larger surface area of skin for more efficient cleansing in the same amount of time.

Longer touch-points for added softness: for a remarkable balance of power and gentleness, the touch-points are 26 percent longer than the LUNA mini’s to allow for more flexibility when the touch-points make contact with the skin, preventing any pulling or stretching to preserve the skin’s natural elasticity. These ultra-long touch-points are also much narrower, enabling them to reach areas of your face that are typically hard to cleanse.

Eight intensities for personalized cleansing: with eight intensity settings, completely customize your cleansing routine based on your comfort preferences. Slow down for a gentle, more relaxed cleanse or up the intensity for a more powerful and deep clean.

Motor with double the power for better results: with a new motor that is twice as powerful as the LUNA mini’s, the T-Sonic pulsations dislodge more impurities from the pores, providing deeper cleansing while still remaining gentle on the skin.


  1. Amazing battery life, lasts up to 300 uses on one full charge (According to their website)
  2. Gentle enough for daily usage
  3. Hygienic, far more hygienic than regular brush bristles as it is silicone
  4. Waterproof
  5. Different speeds, there are eight different intensities to choose from
  6. Travel friendly,  due to it’s small size and battery life
  7. Charging port, it’s always nice when you don’t have to worry about replacing batteries


  1. Price, $159.00 (Canadian) hurts my soul when I think that I could just use my hands and it would be free
  2. Different zones, To be completely honest, I can barely tell when I switch a zone and my face doesn’t feel any different afterwards


It’s gotten a little scuffed up from usage so my apologies.

Foreo LUNA Mini 2 in Midnight
Foreo LUNA Mini 2 in Midnight


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