NARS Illuminator in Super Orgasm

NARS Illuminator in Super Orgasm

Who’s ready for a review on a pretty well known highlighter. NARS Illuminator in Super Orgasm is described as a, “peachy pink with gold glitter”. Spot on shade description as it gives cheeks some serious peachy colour as well as a pretty gold sheen. Bonus, with just a little bit of product, your cheeks look like they have blush and highlighter on.  Definitely a favourite product of mine for those summer months. Due to how insanely pigmented this product is, the wear time is also amazing. My cheeks have that peachy glow at the beginning of an eight hour shift and still have it at the end. The one downside to these highlighters are that you need to take your time blending them out or they can look sort of splotchy on your face. It retails for $39.00 (Canadian) for 1.01oz of product

Product Description:

What it is:
A multifunctional face product that gives skin a refreshed luminosity.

What it does:
This light-reflecting liquid glides on to refresh and enhance the complexion, creating a shimmering incandescence. Wear it alone, or pair it with makeup to transform your skin from ordinary to extraordinary.


  1. Flattering shade, it’s bound to look great on all skintones
  2. Pigmented, these highlighters are seriously impressive. It looks like I’m wearing blush and a highlighter with this on
  3. Longwearing, I like to nap a lot and my cheek highlight always survives my three hours naps
  4. Price, retails for $39.00 (Canadian) for 1.01oz of product


  1. Must be blended out well, the one time I didn’t when I was in a hurry people kept coming over to me and trying to wipe the “drops” off my face, learn from my mistake
NARS Illuminator in Super Orgasm
NARS Illuminator in Super Orgasm
Swatch: NARS Illuminator in Super Orgasm

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