Review: NARS Illuminator in Hot Sand

Review: NARS Illuminator in Hot Sand

I own two of the NARs Illuminators and really like them so naturally when I was browsing on Sephora and saw this I had to try it. This one is very unlike the other NARS Illuminators’ though. It’s in the shade Hot Sand, which has no shade description online at this time. It’s in the same clear squeezy tube as the other Illuminators which gives you a clear view of the peachy golden hued product inside. Pigmentation wise, it’s not nearly as pigmented as the other Illuminators. I almost wouldn’t even classify it as a highlighter as it gives such a very subtle, very natural glow to the skin. The wear time is also not as impressive as it fades within a few hours. I prefer my highlight to be absolutely blinding versus natural so I don’t find myself reaching for it all that often. Pretty enough shade, but not a must have for me. It retails for $39.00 (Canadian) for 1.01oz of product.

Product Description:

What it is:
A universally flattering shade that lights the skin from within.

What it does:
Due to popular demand, NARS is bringing back the limited-edition Hot Sand shade as a permanent addition to their line. This warm and flattering illuminator brightens and evens the skin as it provides just a hint of natural-looking glow.


  1. Natural glow, if you prefer a more natural highlight then look no further
  2. Warm toned, I have a soft spot for anything warm toned as it suits my skin tone better
  3. No shimmer, it’s about as “matte” as a highlight could be
  4. Price, it retails for $39.00 (Canadian) for 1.01oz of product which is about the norm for highlighters these days


  1. Will not give you a blinding, see it from space kind of highlight
  2. Wear time leaves a bit to be desired, you can get a good few hours before it disappears
  3. Meh pigmentation, although not terrible, it could be better



NARS Illuminator in Hot Sand
NARS Illuminator in Hot Sand
Swatch: NARS Illuminator in Hot Sand

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