Review: BECCA Light Chaser Highlighter in Champagne Dream Flashes Bellini

Review: BECCA Light Chaser Highlighter in Champagne Dream Flashes Bellini

If you’ve read any of my blog posts before than you would know BECCA highlighters are my ride or die. I kid you not, if  I was stuck on a desert island and had to choose a makeup product I would choose one of my BECCA highlighters , mainly so my glow would signal for help. Imagine my excitement when a brand new highlighter collection was coming out just in time for summer. BECCA’s Light Chaser Highlighter collection contains six different shades and each one is extremely unique. I purchased Champagne Dream Flashes Bellini which is described as a “soft peach with a rose gold shift”. Initially I was worried it might be too similar to my other highlighters but I was oh so wrong. In some light it’s a gorgeous champagne colour, but turn your head a little and see it from another light and it’s a light rose gold shade. They also did up some beautiful packaging for this collection and truly outdid themselves. The typical rubberized brown packaging has been replaced with gold. I was a little alarmed at first because these highlighters look so much smaller than other BECCA ones but it isn’t too much of a difference when you actually look at the numbers. Upon swatching it, I did notice it’s not quite as buttery and smooth as their original ones but that may be due to the whole changes colour in the light effect. It retails for $41.00 (Canadian) for 0.23 oz/ 6.5 g of product.

Product Description:

What it is:
An ultra-creamy, kaleidoscopic highlighter that imparts unprecedented color dimension when the light hits it.

What it does:
More than a highlighter, the Light Chaser Highlighter’s transformative formula is the perfect marriage of kaleidoscopic color and light. Each shade is infused with kaleidoscopic pearls that chase the light for an otherworldly glow that makes your favorite features beam bright. This unique highlighter shifts shades as your move, delivering hypnotizing color luminosity with a metamorphic finish.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
– Parabens
– Sulfates


  1. Super unique, the whole changes colour in the light is a new concept to me
  2. PRETTY PACKAGING, it looks sharp with the sleek gold packaging
  3. Pigmented, doesn’t take a lot to get a bomb ass highlight
  4. Glowy, your highlight looks very natural versus glittery
  5. Shade selection, there are six shades in total in this collection in case this one isn’t doing it for you


  1. Size, smaller than other BECCA highlighters but not a make it or break it difference (For comparison: regular sized ones retail for $46.00 (Canadian) for 0.28 oz/ 8.5 mL whereas these retail for $41.00 (Canadian) for 0.23 oz/ 6.5 g)
  2. Slight formula change, it doesn’t feel as buttery as I’ve come to expect from BECCA


BECCA Light Chaser Highlighter in Champagne Dream Flashes Bellini
BECCA Light Chaser Highlighter in Champagne Dream Flashes Bellini

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