Microbladed Eyebrows: My Experience and Thoughts

Microbladed Eyebrows: My Experience and Thoughts

For any of my followers who don’t know me very well, I am a nurse. Which means I work a lot and put in a lot of hours. I may be quite the makeup lover but I have no time or desire to put it on when I’m working. It doesn’t mean I want to look like garbage though which is why I took such an interest in microbladed brows. Anything to make my day easier and to make me look slightly more put together with minimal effort. Now be prepared for a whole lot of reading or skip to the bottom where Iˋve outlined the pros and cons of microblading, tips for if youˋre considering microblading, and pictures of my own brows for reference.

I put in a lot of time researching places to get them done, what the process entailed, healing times, etc. It’s a semi-permanent tattoo and I wasn’t going to just wing it. Eventually I found a place that did the style I was looking for, posted many pictures of their results on their social media page, and was somewhere I felt confident going. And with that, I booked my appointment online and tried to avoid looking at my bank account. I arrived at my appointment fairly early. After paying for that deposit I was not about to let traffic or life make me late or miss my appointment. I was handed a consent form that lists in details possible risks or complications, things that may affect your results, etc. After that I got to meet the lady who would be doing my eyebrows. We had a discussion about what I was looking to get from my appointment. I knew exactly the style of how I wanted them done, brought reference images and was very specific and clear about what I was looking for. I had decent brow hairs to begin with but I wanted them to look just a little thicker and more pronounced. Then I laid down on the table and she began drawing out the shape I had described/shown her. This part made me a little nervous as she was freehanding it. I had expected her to use that little tool to measure it out and be very precise. I was then allowed to get up and take a look in the mirror to see if it was the shape I desired. I almost had a heart attack looking in the mirror and seeing my brows colour blocked in a dark brown. I had to really use my imagination to envision what it would look like. After agreeing that yes that was my desired shape, I laid back down on the table and the numbing cream was applied. My brow lady let it sit on there for approximately twenty minutes before ensuring I was sufficiently numbed. We then began the process of choosing the colour I wanted. My eyebrows are naturally black and I really wanted a colour that would look as natural as possible. We went with a dark, dark brown that she promised would fade to a more ashy undertone as it healed. Then it was time to begin the microblading process. Now this is the part that may surprise you, it didn’t hurt at all. No, really. I had no idea she had even started until I felt blood trickle down my face. Up until that point I had thought she was just fixing out the drawn design first while the numbing cream was taking effect. But yes, it really didn’t hurt. I could feel her using their little tool to “tattoo” on my face but no pain was associated with it. We had to take a few breaks to let the bleeding stop but otherwise the whole process was fairly straightforward and fast. When she was done, I got the chance to check them out in the mirror to see if I wanted anything fixed before I left. I was informed that they would fade by about 40%and wouldn’t be as dark as they initially were. She then went over the healing process and aftercare with me. I was also given a handout with aftercare instructions in case I forgot anything. Before I left I was told that touch up appointments typically take place 8-12 weeks after the initial appointment. My appointment had begun at 10:00 AM and by 11:40 I was sitting in my car checking out my brows in the car mirror. They weren’t red or swollen and I was able to continue the rest of my day with out any concerns.

It’s now day 5 post microblading and I love my new eyebrows. The healing process isn’t too bad. I clean them pretty often and apply the barrier cream they gave me fairly often. They’re at the scabbing stage now and are fairly itchy. Like drive me crazy itchy. If you have a tattoo already then you know what I’m talking about. I really don’t want them to fade as they heal because I love dark, standout brows but I know it is to be expected. I think getting them microbladed was a good decision for me. It’s a big decision to make as they are semi-permanent and can be expensive. You don’t want to make a decision you regret or choose an artist who isn’t skilled as it will be on your face for a few years.

I’ll continue to update this post once my eyebrows are fully healed. In the meantime, feel free to ask any questions below! I’ve also posted some pictures below of how they look. Please excuse the quality as they’re just off my cellphone. I promise to take some good quality pictures soon to replace these terrible ones.


  1. Natural looking, my eyebrow lady really tried to mimic brow hairs when she did it so it blends right in with my natural brows hairs
  2. Time saver, I’m a sucker for anything that will make my mornings a little easier or make me look better naturally
  3. Semi-permanent, you’ll get a few good years of effortless eyebrows
  4. Numbing cream, takes the edge off whilst they’re microblading to avoid any pain


  1. Expensive, microblading is definitely an investment due to how much it can cost for the initial appointment and the touch up appointment
  2. Semi-permanent, although this one is considered a pro it can also be a con if they don’t turn out how you expected or if you want to change your brow shape up
  3. Will fade over time, they fade through the healing process and then gradually over time they will fade. This one ties into con #3, they are semi-permanent meaning that beautiful brows won’t last forever


  1. Research microblading artists thoroughly. Look at images of their work, client reviews, etc. You want to be 100% confident in whomever you choose to microblade your brows with a semi-permanent tattoo because you’ll have the results for a few years.
  2. Know exactly what you want. Do you want groomed or more natual looking brows, are you looking to fill in sparse spaces or create a whole new shape? It’s a lot better to show up to your appointment prepared with reference images or a general idea of what you like.
  3. Be prepared for the healing stage. It can consist of itchiness, redness, swelling, flaking and just all around uncomfortableness. In other words, if you’re getting them done before a trip or a big event give yourself some leeway time for them to heal and to schedule a touch up appointment to fix and spots where the ink didn’t take initially
  4. Be prepared to take extra good care of your brows once they’re done. Your artist should give you aftercare instructions but if not here’s a few rules to follow. Keep them clean, you can shower and bathe as you normally would but try to avoid getting any shampoos, soaps or other cleansers on the microladed area. Do not apply any anti-acne products (Such as benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, proactiv, etc.) or lightening creams to the microbladed area. Do not apply vaseline, neosporin or any other petroleum based products on it. Do not thread, wax or use hair removal products on the area. Do not apply any makeup to the tattooed area. And most importantly, do not pick or scratch at the dry skin. Avoid UV rays and fake tanning as it will cause the pigmentation to fade or discolour.


Natural brows with no makeup (Snapchat quality because I didn’t take any other pictures of my eyebrows)
Day 1, sitting in my car right after they were microbladed
Day 5 post microblading, selfie while in the car. Makeup on, but nothing on my eyebrows.

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