Review: MELT Cosmetics Rust Stack

Review: MELT Cosmetics Rust Stack

I placed a few different orders on Black Friday but the one I was most excited about was my order to MELT cosmetics. I had purchased the Gun Metal stack last year on their Black Friday sale and was in love with it. Figured what better time to try another stack then when it was on sale. Which is how I ended up with the Rust stack.

The product is housed in the typical MELT packaging, matte black, five circular eyeshadow pans that connect to each other magnetically. Typically, a stack contains four but they’ve thrown an extra one into this stack. This stack colour wise is very warm and earth toned. The shades include: Classic (vanilla shade), Antique (apricot-peach toned shade), Rubbish (mustard toned shade), Rust (reddish brown shade), and Rott (dark chocolate brown). Each shade is extremely matte and the pigmentation is incredible. One of my favourite thing about MELT eyeshadows is how creamy they are making it so easy to blend out. The fall out is minimal so don’t worry about that too much. Honestly, the swatches below speak for themselves. Each pan contains 2.70g/0.10 oz of product. Compared to a typical eyeshadow, which is 1.3 g / 0.04 oz, they are massive. This stack retail for $58.00 (American).

Product Description:

The most beautiful combination of shadows you can lay your eyes on!

This stack is packed with FIVE, ultra matte pigmented earth tones.

Burnt, Worn, Rusted, and Rich. Open your eyes to a new era of RUST

CLASSIC – Soft vanilla toned and ultra matte! Creamy and ultra pigmented. This is te perfect color to add a touch of highlight under the brow bone, the lid or the inner eye.

ANTIQUE – Warm and peachy. A beautiful ultra matte apricot shadow. Its the perfect transition color to blend and add a touch of warmth

RUBBISH – This is one of our favorites out of this palette. A gorgeous ultra matte dijon-mustard color. Ultra pigmented and easy to blend.

RUST – A rusted rich brown shadow. With a burnt red undertone! Need we say more? Just look at it,….*Drool*…

ROTT – The deepest shade in the Rust Stack. She is an earthy dark  brown. But also a delicious rich dark chocolate shadow<3

*Stack includes mirror


  1. Creamy formula, goes on like butter and blends like a dream
  2. Complementary shades, making it very simple to create day time or night time looks
  3. Warm toned, very flattering on all skin tones
  4. Extremely pigmented
  5. Extremely matte


  1. Price, retailing at $58.00 (American) plus shipping hurts my heart but the Black Friday sale helped ease the pain a bit


MELT Cosmetics Rust Stack


MELT Cosmetics Rust Stack. From Left to Right: Classic, Antique, Rubbish, Rust, Rott

  • IMG_1367
    MELT Cosmetics Rust Stack: Rubbish


    MELT Comsetics Rust Stack: Rust


    MELT Cosmetics Rust Stack: Rott

    MELT Cosmetics Rust Stack. Swatches from Left to Right: Classic, Antique, Rubbish, Rust, Rott

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